ParapanLocal Parapan Kitchen Installer

We are the local installer and specialist of the very unique and bespoke Parapan kitchen.

Parapan is the original and best quality high gloss solid acrylic material available. Parapan brought an innovative new approach to high gloss doors when it introduced curved Parapan doors to the UK market several years ago.

Parapan is manufactured to the highest possible specifications which means that solid colour runs all the way through and the high gloss is on both sides. Because Parapan is durable and moisture-resistant it is especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It is now regularly being specified for commercial applications as well as specialist furniture pieces.

Curved doors add a softer feel to the modern high gloss look. Parapan curved doors are made to suit your requirements; there are many sizes available from existing moulds or new ones can be made to specification.

A range of edge treatments and finger pulls is on offer to ensure that your Parapan curved doors seamlessly integrate with your other Parapan doors. They have also recently introduced a new front finger pull for the curved doors.